Friends of Attadale Foreshore
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Friends of Attadale Foreshore Inc.

The Friends of Attadale Foreshore (FoAF) is an active and dynamic group of volunteers restoring the beautiful shoreline of the Swan River in Attadale.

We work with the Department of Environment and Conservation in the A Class Alfred Cove Marine Park and Nature Reserve along the foreshore, and with the City of Melville in the Bush Forever Site 331 which runs between the foreshore and Burke Drive.

Main areas of interest

  • DEC Reserve - Nature Reserve on the riverside of the fence
  • ABC Reserve - Attadale Bush Conservation Reserve
  • Alfred Cove - East end of Burke Drive
  • Point Waylen - Old communications centre and Osprey Tower
  • Burke Drive Verge - Road verge adjacent to the public open space
  • The Blue Wren Site – Wooded area and bushland, west of Troy Park


The Friends of Attadale Foreshore Inc. was formed in September 2001 and has about 120 financial members. Our Committee of ten members meets once per month.

New members are welcome, and all volunteers who gave their time in the previous year are offered free membership in the subsequent year.