Friends of Attadale Foreshore


Attadale Foreshore Map in Relation to Perth

Attadale Foreshore is located along Burke Drive in Attadale, Perth, Western Australia.

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Conservation Values

The part of the river and foreshore system adjacent to the Perth suburbs of Alfred Cove and Attadale is an A-Class Nature Reserve and Marine Park (DEC) and has world significance as a staging point for trans-equatorial migratory birds from as far as the Arctic circle. It has National Trust of Australia (WA) Classification as ‘last remaining area of shoreline samphire and rush on the lower estuary’ and is one of a very limited number of bushland areas on the Swan Estuary. Together with the adjacent bush land, the site is a Bush Forever Protection area – BFS331, regionally significant as a contiguous bushland/wetland linkage.


The health of the Swan River Estuary has been recognized as critical to the wellbeing of a large number of species of flora and fauna that depend on the river either permanently, or as part of a migratory pattern of life.

While river water quality is under pressure from regional agricultural and urban industrial and housing development activities, the banks of the Swan and Canning Rivers are under increasing threat from human encroachment. The clearing of native vegetation over many years for dwellings and by those seeking river views, for transport and waste-disposal systems, and for a variety of water-based and other recreation activities has resulted in there being very few remaining areas of healthy remnant vegetation; and as a consequence, many species of plant and animal life have disappeared from these areas.

Other threats include the presence of feral animals including foxes and bees, the uncontrolled activity of domestic cats and dogs, pollution in water-runoff from roads and gardens, weed infestations and the effects of climate change.