Friends of Attadale Foreshore

Attadale Bush Conservation Reserve (ABC Reserve)

ABC ReserveABC Reserve

The ABC Reserve is situated at the east end of the Attadale Foreshore running parallel to the Attadale Foreshore and the DEC managed ‘A’ Class Nature Reserve. The Reserve is managed by the City of Melville as part of Bush Forever Site 331.

FOAF began the project to restore this area of remnant bushland in 2003, and has been funded by the Swan Alcoa Landcare Program every year since 2004. Restoration work has seen thousands of seedlings planted and weeds removed. The rectangular 2.2 hectare area of bushland has been fully fenced with one pathway for public access only. In 2009 the final corner of the Reserve was planted up with 2000 native seedlings.

Ongoing weed management is required for the continued success and health of the Reserve. The Reserve is maintained by regular spraying by the City of Melville as well as by FOAF members who hand weed on a regular basis throughout the year.

It is an extremely beautiful reserve enjoyed by many visitors daily.

The verge alongside and the verge at the end of Roberts Road were also planted by FOAF Inc and members maintain these on a regular basis.