Friends of Attadale Foreshore

The Splendid Fairy-Wren Project (Blue Wren Project)

Blue Wren ProjectBlue Wren Project

Urban expansion and recreational activity has significantly impacted upon the size and health of the remnant bushland along the Attadale Foreshore and as a consequence, many species of plant and animal life have reduced in numbers to unsustainable levels or disappeared from the area.

The Blue Wren Project aims to ensure the survival of the Splendid Fairy Wren and other bird species in the area by conserving and rehabilitating the understorey in small pockets of remnant bushland and woodland sited to the immediate west of Troy Park.

The bushland to be targeted is still in relatively good condition, so activities aiming at protecting it will improve the health of existing vegetation.

Work commenced on the central wooded area of the site in 2009, with swathes of sedges being planted underneath existing Eucalyptus rudis and Melaleuca raphiophylla. Mulch has been spread to delineate the plantings and to improve soil and growing conditions.

In 2010 work will commence on the second wooded area.