Friends of Attadale Foreshore

Osprey Project

Osprey Project
The Osprey Project is FoAF’s current major project.

The Resident Osprey

This area of focus includes some of the most sensitive and important habitat for water birds, including trans-equatorial migratory visitors.

Regrettably, over the years it has become seriously degraded by weed infestations including kikuyu, cotton palms, Japanese pepper and Typha orientalis.

The area immediately in front of what is known as the Pelican Cove Residential Complex is particularly challenging, with swathes of typha and kikuyu choking native vegetation. The typha is also a fire-risk and its removal will improve safety.

Typha is choking native vegetation

Working closely with DEC and the Swan River Trust, FOAF has commenced a longer-term strategy of removing the weed species and replacing it with native vegetation. The removal of the weed and replacement with native flora will restore the biodiversity and health of the site, improve habitat for fauna and support the viability of nearby existing native vegetation. Extreme care must be taken in this location to guard against acid-sulfate soils.